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The Les Schwab Jungle Gym June 13, 2018

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Is hanging out in Les Schwab Tire Center, waiting for the price tag associated with my car’s new wobble a drag, or loads of fun playing in their giant jungle gym. Guess it’s a matter of perspective.  With cups to drink from, popcorn, and hundreds of tires for amusement, it’s as good as a carnival, if your 21 months old .


Day Surgery UGH June 11, 2018

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Heading in to United General Hospital for an endoscopy, when I saw this wheel chair out front.  “UGH!”  I’m not sure that’s the best way for them to advertise.   It certainly didn’t increase my confidence any.   🤣


When I attended Philadelphia College of the bible, many years ago, there were plans for it to become a university,  and a favorite joke among the students was that if University replaced College in the name, PCB would become PUB.

Despite forebodings, all went well, and I was pleased to be wheeled out of UGH.






You May Need to Wash Dishes If… May 13, 2018

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You may need to wash dishes if…

Your husband uses the old cat food dish as a bowl for his salsa.  Or, you could give him a commendation for creative thinking and put off the dishes a little longer.


After all, a bowl is a bowl


Finding Humor in Rotten Pumpkins May 1, 2018

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I’m here, writing,  because life can be hard,  and it can start to feel heavy, and weigh a person down.  Finding the humor in our struggles can lighten our mood, and thereby pur load.  I search for the humor to help myself, and I share it here in hopes that it will help others.  Smiles are easy on the wallet,  the waistline,  and….well, I can’t think of another applicable “w” word at the moment, but you get the idea.

For example, in April, when we tried to get an adorable family picture in the  daffodils, neither the sun or the wind,  or the toddler would cooperate.

And of course,  little one slipped on a random, rotten pumpkin, landing, plop, in the center of it.


As I  tried to wipe off the worst of the goo,  hubby took this selfie of us.  Isn’t he sweet!


Not exactly the family picture, I was hoping for, but at least we got one.


Goodbye Teacher Store April 29, 2018

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Our only teacher supply store in  the county opened for its last day, today.  So sad! I will miss being able to rush over there in a panic trying to find that last minute something, I desperately need for tomorrow’s class.   In the mean time though,  I’m now well stocked on bulliten board border,  posters, pocket charts, stickers,  chubby pencils, cute pre-cut accents, and resource books.  On this, their last day, a flat fee got you all you could carry out the door in one trip.  And you might be surprised how much a chubby, out of shape, middle-aged, preschool teacher can carry.  I was.

I came with a plan,  my sturdiest backpack, and 5 tote bags.  After an hour and a half of cramming every nook and cranny of my bags full,  I heaved on the back pack, jammed two rolls of big paper into an already bulging tote, clamped a poster storage box under one arm, took hold of 3 tote bags in one hand, two in the other, and with tremendous effort raised them an inch or so off the floor and tottered toward the door.  I may, possibly have  paused to rest a couple times on my way to the exit, but I persevered.  the harder part turned out to be actually getting it all through the physical width of the door.  When you consider that I need most of that width to get me through the door.  Suffice it to say there was some side-stepping and maneuvering that took place. When I managed to get outside with all my loot, the door guard look pretty impressed, and my heart glowed with pride and the thrill of success.  That is, until I looked down what had become a tremendously long block to my parked car.

I struggled along, huffing and puffing, until I was about halfway there, and beginning to think that dragging my cloth tote bag along the wet pavement might not damage the contents noticeably.

At that point I paused, for a photoshoot, of course. Wishing I had thought to ask the door guard to capture the moment on film, I settled for piling my things under the shelter of an awning and stepping back out into the drizzle to photograph them. It was right about the moment when I realized that somehow, I had shattered my cell phone’s camera lens (When had that happened? It must have been one of the half-dozen times I dropped my phone since yesterday, after I took the, totally posed (because somehow I didn’t remember to take authentic ones at any point in this school year), book buddy photos for the yearbook.  When a lanky guy,  wearing many warm layers, meandered up and asked if i could spare a buck (I’m not saying that he said it was for a joint). Not sure how to reply (yes, I actually happened to have a dollar in my purse, just one lonely, last dollar, but I try, as a general rule, to avoid supporting drug habits), and irked with my perpetual clumsiness (you know, I managed to not back the car into the trash can this week,  but instead banged my head into the corner of the fire extinguisher box, after dropping a case of canned tomatoes).  So instead of answering him directly I choose to switch to selfie mode and focus on photographing my treasures.

The result is this very odd picture of he, and I, and my purchases.


 The remainder of the treck to the car was considerably easier, with this young man’s assistance, and he may have gotten that buck he was after.

I’d like to weigh the items, to get an exact number, but my estimate is that there was about 40 lb. in each hand and 40 lb. on my back too.  I will miss the teacher store,  but it sure was a great sale!


Age Showing, or Eyes Going? April 21, 2018

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We had a scare today,  my husband and I.  He found his first gray head hair.  Gray beard hairs he has accepted, but gray on the top of his head was not expected.  Yet, there it was.  It came away in his hand with several other hairs (thinning hair is a whole different horror, we will save for another day) during his grooming.  He showed me the hairs, pointing our how the gray one showed up against the dark hairs.  I picked up the gray hair, noting how short, and straight it was, which differed from his longish curls.  As I studied the hair closer, I found that the gray brightened to white at the tip, and I found myself reminded of our tabby cat, and how my black fleece is always sporting a dozen or so of her shed hairs.  Cat hair!  This gray hair scare was just a cat hair, that had mixed itself in with my husband’s hair.  Laughing in relief, we ignored the fact that this aging crisis had only been postponed, and not eliminated.

Here’s the culprit kitty



Morning Mishap April 17, 2018

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Yesterday, told myself not to back the car into the trash can, that was out for trash pick-up.  Of course , I backed into it anyway.  In my haste, I forgot until I heard the soft thump the bumper meeting trash can, and the thud of the trash can tipping over. Thankfully, the contents of the can were in plastic bags, but the grocery bag of dirty diapers on top had a few oozing their way out.  Such fun!