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The Les Schwab Jungle Gym June 13, 2018

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Is hanging out in Les Schwab Tire Center, waiting for the price tag associated with my car’s new wobble a drag, or loads of fun playing in their giant jungle gym. Guess it’s a matter of perspective.  With cups to drink from, popcorn, and hundreds of tires for amusement, it’s as good as a carnival, if your 21 months old .


Day Surgery UGH June 11, 2018

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Heading in to United General Hospital for an endoscopy, when I saw this wheel chair out front.  “UGH!”  I’m not sure that’s the best way for them to advertise.   It certainly didn’t increase my confidence any.   🤣


When I attended Philadelphia College of the bible, many years ago, there were plans for it to become a university,  and a favorite joke among the students was that if University replaced College in the name, PCB would become PUB.

Despite forebodings, all went well, and I was pleased to be wheeled out of UGH.