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Limping Around with an Extra Eyeball February 27, 2017

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Guess what I found tonight in my bra.  An eyeball.  Yes, that’s right, an eyeball.  The googly plastic kind.  I probably should have prefaced this by saying that I teach preschool.  Then you would have said, that of course I would have a googly eye in my undergarments.

This googly discovery came as I was limping around home this evening.  And why was I limping, you may ask.  Well, if I tell you that I misjudged the placement of my chair when, sitting down, during circle time this morning, you can probably guess the rest.  But what you you might not guess, unaware of my extreme level of clumsiness, is how hard I went down.  Not just down on my bottom, but I continued right onto my back, head on the floor feet in the air.  Thank goodness I wore pants today,  instead of the dress I was considering.  I sat up to see my students eyes bulging out in startled shock, which quickly gave way to grins and giggling.  It’ll probably be the one thing they’ll remember, years from now, about this whole year of preschool.